New Song: Coconut Blog

‘Coconut Blog’ is de derde song van het nieuwe Tak&Band album, dat nog titelloos is. I like the way you are!

Nieuwe song van de nieuwste -nog titelloze- Tak&Band EP: Coconut Blog.

New song from the latest -still untitled- Tak&Band EP: Coconut Blog.

Songtekst Coconut Blog – Pieter Tak

Don't grow into a coconut, baby
cause the skin is too hard
Don't grow into a coconut, baby
I like the way you are

Don't change into a mannequin
that shield ain't much of a treat
Don't change into a mannequin, girl
I'm still longing for your sweet

Keep the color of a peach
a coconut girl is beyond my reach
a couple of old jeans will do
well I wonder how I get through
these fillers and your silicone... oops

Don't grow into a hashtag, baby
conversation is on the run
Don't grow into a hashtag, baby
I remember when we both had fun

Don't change into a blog girl
I' m longing for real friends to meet
Don't change into a blog girl, girl
your book of faces won't be complete
please stay the way you are
a 24/7 blog is a way too far
I won't miss an open screen in my bed
Well I wonder how I get through
these blogs and hashtags inside of you

Will a web of needlework
soon cover your shoulder
will it remain a sleeve of pretty flowers
when you are getting older
and your flag flies
in colors of the fall
will it fill your notebook at all

Will it fill your notebook of life

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